Facts Denzir


Extremely durable and strong
Denzir with its strength and along with other advantageous properties makes it the superior full-ceramic selection on the market. Denzir have a very high bending strength and fracture toughness and Denzir constructions showing unsurpassed strength in standardized load test over other designs.


Physical Properties
Grain size < 0.5 micron
Fracture Toughness: 8 MPa m 1/2
Bending strength: 1400 MPa
Thermal expansion: 10.6 × 10 -6 K -1
Radiopacity: that metal
Polishability: very good

Chemical composition
Denzir consists of > 99wt% ZrO2, HfO2, Y2O3 of which Y2O3 represents 5.15 ± 0.2 wt% and HfO2 <5wt%.

No known interactions with other materials.


Denzir is a customized product that complies with the requirements of LVFS 2003:11. Denzir as core material meets the requirements for use as dental ceramic is in accordance with ISO 6872 and the medical standards of ISO 13356.
Denzir is FDA approved for sale in the United States.