Facts ZirPlus


Metal-free and biocompatible
Sintered zirconia (Y-TZP) has become a common feature in today’s prosthetics. A very well-proven material for dental crowns and bridges and an extraordinary good option when the patient wants to avoid metal constructions and as well as any risk of allergies. The material’s strength, biocompatibility and white color makes it very favorable for most indications.


Physical properties:
Grain size: <0,5 µm
Bending strength: 900 MPa
Radiopacity: that metal
Vickers hardness: 13 GPa
Polishability: Very good
Abrasiveness: Very Low

Chemical composition
> 99.95% ZrO2 + Y2O3 + HfO2 + Al2O3


ZirPlus is a customized product that complies with the requirements of LVFS 2003:11. ZirPlus as core material meets the requirements for use as dental ceramic is in accordance with ISO 6872 and the medical standards of ISO 13356.