Facts ZirMagnum


Very high fracture toughness
ZirMagnum have a very high fracture toughness which makes the material particularly suitable for manufacture of full crowns, copings and short bridges. Processing is done in fully sintered blocks where quality and properties can be guaranteed and the blocks need not undergo any further heat treatment.


Physical Properties
Grain size: 30 – 40 microns
Fracture Toughness: 10 MPa * m½
Bending strength: 620 MPa
Radiopacity: that metal
Vickers hardness 10.7 GPa
Polishability: Very good
Abrasiveness: Very Low

Chemical composition
> 99.95% ZrO2 + MgO


ZirMagnum is a customized product that complies with the requirements of LVFS 2003:11. ZirMagnum is tested under ISO 6872.