Preparation Denzir(En)


Preparations for Denzir follows the same principles as for MK
This also applies to the possibility of leaving the core material free of porcelain and polish the surface as the metal. Hence restorations can if necessary be made as thin as Denzir core minimum thickness of 0.2 mm for incisors and 0.4 mm in the other regions. On Denzir core burned normally an aesthetic layer of veneering, but can lack of space, or tissue-friendly grounds left in the day.

To achieve the best results, follow the preparation guideline. These are recommendations and are not different from comparative Metal Ceramics.


The dimensions of the preparation
Denzir is produced from a solid HIP zirconia blocks. Maximum size of the block is 45×15,6×15,6 mm, which Denzir restorations must fit within. Note that it usually will be an aesthetic layer porcelain buccal can build 1-2 mm and buccal / lingulat / proximal may be 1-1.5 mm.


Preparation of Maryland Bridges
The structure can be designed with one or more support as the situation requires. We recommend that you create mechanical retention in both the restoration and the tooth pillar. Presentation of retention holes follows the same principles as for the metal.


Round off sharp edges and corners
So as with all prosthetics you achieve a better result if one rounds the sharp edges and corners. This is true for traditional casting techniques and are at least as important in CAD/CAM production.


Parallel preparations at bridge construction
It is important that the preparations are parallel at bridge structures. This applies to both cast as CAD/CAM-produced products. With a design program, however this becomes visually clearer.


Edge design
Denzir, both material and machinery technically handle any sort of edge designs. Most cases that go through our system would probably clinically to as “slice”. However, achieves typically a higher aesthetic level of preparation is done with some sort of shoulder. With a chamfer the dental technician gets space for porcelain.


Bridge span
Again, we want to point out that you can use Denzir the same way as you use metal ceramics. At the minimum recommended link dimension 3×3 mm bridge span should not exceed 15 mm. For longer span should the height of the links be carefully considered.


We give full warranty on cantilevers. The dimensioning of the link should be adapted to the situation and follow Metall Ceramic instructions.