Cad.esthetics System 
Cad.esthetics system is a complete automated system for machining of High Performance Ceramics for dental applications.

Open scanner solution
Denzir AB in Skellefteå use cad.esthetics system for the centralized production and practice thereto an open scanner solution. This means that all the scanners that saves data in a format that complies with our specification, regardless of scanner manufacturers, can send orders to our production.

Order from another scanner
To order our products from a scanner the only requirement is that the specification, DPC Interface is followed. This specification is available as a pdf from Cad.esthetics AB. The specification includes the requirements of the CAD files. There is also a detailed description of how an order should be designed. For our customers, it is possible to upload an order directly through the web browser.

If you want to know more about how you can connect to our production make a request here>>