Select gypsum
For best results use a fine-grained and stable gypsum.

Note: Gypsum containing plastic can affect the reading and give dimensional errors.

 Minolta DSC

Model Manufacturing
The model is manufactured using conventional technology. The model passed, cut and fitted with sockets so that the individual preparations can be handled separately.

Note: The model must not be painted! Cement Gap is created in a CAD program because the paint can cause problems with the optical scanning.


Preparation of margin
Obtain a clear preparation border. Ensure that no edges or imperfections stand out during the actual preparation of the margin as this may lead to misreading of the optical scan.

Note: Do not use a paint marker!
Visual marking with a pen may interfere with the optical readout. Therefore, do not use any form of color selection.


You can usefully do traditional wax-up to get the desired anatomical features. Do not forget to insulate the die before waxing.