Porcelain Work


General guidence
The neatest design is gained if the facial and the whole biting edge is being covered with porcelain. It can many times be desirable aesthetically only to cover the facial surface with porcelain on a design. This is possible with Denzir and Zirconia Magnum but not Zirconia Plus which has the same indications as other commonly used zirconia. Thanks to the chemical bonding between zirconia and porcelain there is no problem with thin porcelain parties infinitely released to Denzir or Zirconia Magnum. In manual polishing of these materials, we recommend Edenta CeraGloss blue and yellow ceramic polishers. For best results, polish the design before glaze firing and then again a high-gloss polishing afterwards, it does not affect the porcelain negatively.

Anpassad Krona Genomskärning 130x130

Porcelain Varieties
There are several porcelains adapted for firing on zirconia. Below is a list of porcelains that have been used clinically in zirconia with good results. We refer to each company’s operation manual for details of operation.

For Denzir and ZirPlus we recommend:

Ivoclar IPS e.max Ceram
Ivoclar Empress 2
Vita VM9
GC Initial Zr
Noritake CZR Erabien

For ZirMagnum we recommend:

Nobel Rondo

More information is available on the manufacturers’ respective websites.


Press ceramics
Today there is also press ceramics directly designed for zirconia. This technique is an alternative to traditional film technology.


The following pretreatment of our zirconia material is not necessary. If the surface has to be cleaned this can be easily done with blasting 50 my aluminum oxide at 3 bar. Carefully clean with steam or, in an ultrasonic bath or under running water to remove any aluminum oxide grain. Then follow the respective fabrikants recommendations for application of porcelain.


When the structure exterior is completely finished the inside must be cleaned. If necessary, the inside can be blasted very easily with alumina 50 my at 2 bars if the restorations should be cemented with adhesive technology. Rinse under running water or use ultrasound with water. It is not possible to etch zirconia with acid. Silanization at bonding from the lab does not increase retention.