Denzir is the only full-fledged alternative to metal:
Denzir based on over 20 years of clinical and technological developments in materials science and CAD/CAM. Denzir is a unique combination of the world’s strongest and most durable all-ceramic materials along with the world’s most unique production technology. This unique combination gives you a wide selection of all-ceramic restorative products of highest quality.


Denzir offers a wide range of restorative products. All products are made in the HIP Zirconia using a unique machining process. The combination of HIP zirconia and high tech cad / cam technology enables a variety of dental products of the highest quality.

– Simple coping
– Customized coping
– Full Crown
– 0.2 mm coping
– Bridges
– Maryland/Rochette bridges
– Abutments


Extremely durable and strong
Denzirs strength along with other advantageous properties make it the only full-ceramic option to Metal Ceramic (MK) on the market. Denzir have a very high bending strength and fracture toughness and Denzir constructs showing unsurpassed strength in standardized load test over other designs.


Aesthetically and anatomically
The strength of Denzir allows thin and slender structures for bridges and crowns means more space for spolrum!? and porcelain. Even edge connector can be made very thin and therefore provides an opportunity to aesthetically pleasing designs. Denzir have a balanced translucency that makes the end result vivid. Denzir contains very small grains, which allows it to be highly polished, as the abrasive respect gives a more favorable function than clean enamel. This allows Denzir also be used for full crowns where this is desirable.


Denzir is biocompatible and one of the most tissue-friendly materials available today. Denzir (HIP zirconia) has been used for more than 25 years in orthopedic surgery to include a rod end bearings in hip replacement implants. Denzir may also advantageously be cemented with traditional Zn-phosphate cement, which is favorable for people with allergies or intolerances material. Denzir is less likely to collect the plaque, resulting in less irritation of the gums.


Unique Features
Denzir porcelain coated normal for crown and bridge structures. If required by preparationstekniska or biocompatible reasons, Denzir be covered partially or completely with porcelain. Denzir has properties that make cracks in the material inhibited in a unique way, so-called self-healing effect. Denzir also has a thermal expansion coefficient that is consistent with dentin, which further improves the clinical longevity.