20 years of experience!
Denzir in Skellefteå has over 25 years experience in dental ceramics accumulated knowledge that provides security in your choice of materials! Our milling center has provided customers with restaurations since 2003.

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Hard state and HIP
Denzir offers three different zirconia materials with different properties that gives the customers the best solution for all indications. Denzir, ZirPlus and ZirMagnum are all slightly different material properties that complement one another for various applications. These materials are sintered before processing and grinded in the so-called “Hard state”. This allows for thin edges. The HIP process added to Denzir provide the ultimate strength and also makes it possible to make ultra-thin designs.



Other materials
We are now also offering other materials such as pre – sintered and glass ceramics. These are available in different translucency and color.