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Order of products
By adapting an independent scanner service all Dental Laboratories can order our products. All that is required is knowledge of the technical handling of the material and any of the porcelains adapted to use on Zirconia.


Our products are manufactured using CAD/CAM technology and associated scanner unit. We offer all Dental Laboratories own scanner to achieve greater control and flexibility. We practice a so-called open scanner philosophy, which means that we allow all scanners to send to our production regardless of scanner manufacturers. Please contact us for more information. We also offer a scanner service for all Dental Lab that does not have its own scanner. You choose whether you want to send the model to us or scan it yourself.


Order without your own scanner
Send pinned, sawn and prepared plaster model together with an order form to us (see instructions in the information material to the dental technician). Send also the opposing occlusion, index and/or wax-up for anatomical adaptation. Use approved containers and letter pad package with care.


Denzir AB
Box 45
93121 Skellefteå


Order without its own scanner
Scanning and design of the restorations are done by experienced dental technicians. If you want more control of how the restorations are designed, you can be advantageously enclosed wax-up.

All our products are manufactured by Denzir AB in Skellefteå. The restoration and the model is then delivered directly from us within five working days in Sweden.


Denzir – 15 years
Zirconia Magnum – 10 years
Zirconia Plus – 5 years
Material Warranty includes complimentary makeover of the core. Other treatment costs or material costs are not replaced. For the warranty to be in effect, the faulty restoration must be returned.