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The year was 1987. In the northern town of Umeå began a thought take it’s root in reality. When the amalgam was shown to have side effects it required new solutions. That is also the start of a dental care that will be our future. The start of Denzir.


1991 Anders Sundh et al. founds DIAB (Dental Research Institute) with the intention to develop systems with CAD/CAM technology able to grind out inlays (amalgam replacement) in a suitable biocompatible material.

1992 begins the so-called Anderstorps project. A cooperation between DIAB, the Dental School in Umeå and the Public Dental Service in Västerbotten.


1995 Dentronic AB was established. The development of CAD/CAM begins amied to be able to process HIP Zirconia, at the time, the future of hip liabilities materials and also one of the world’s toughest ceramic materials. A first CAD/CAM system, Decim generation 1, sees the light, and the first clinical inlay in Denzir (HIP zirconia) cemented clinically.


1997 Denzir receives CE Certificate for HIP Zirconia as a dental tooth replacement materials.


1998 Denzir becomes FDI approved (for use in USA). The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


2000 A clinical study of crowns starts. The company changes its name to Decim AB.


2000 DECIM sytem generation 2 is launched.

2001 Decim AB leaves stock exchange and cooperation and partnership subsequently carried out with one of the dental industry’s largest companies, Ivoclar Vivadent, with a worldwide network of dental products. Ivoclar responsible for marketing and sales.


2001 a clinical study of Denzir bridges starts. The same year, a large pre-launches under the name cad.esthetics at the world’s largest dental exhibition, IDS in Cologne.

2002 bridges greater than 3 units for clinical use are launched. Ivoclar sell its stake in the company.


2003 North’s largest milling center for HIP Zirconia started after a reorganization of the company. The company changes its name to Denzir Production AB with the parent Cad.esthetics AB.

2004 opens Denzir Center in Stockholm that serves as the scanning center for customers who do not own scanner.


2004 in collaboration with Etkon AG their new scanner es1 is launched and placed out in Scandinavia.


2005 in collaboration with 3Shape their D250 is launched on the Swedish market.


2005 begins manufacturing and selling of inplant post’s (DIP) on the Straumann regular platform.


2005 the production of Denzir maryland bridges starts.


2010 Cad.esthetics AB begins to produce abutments for Neoss Limited.


2013 Denzir Production AB launch new materials to broaden its product range.

2015 Denzir Production AB changes name to Denzir AB as part of new owners taking over and a restart of the company is made.

2016 More dental ceramics added to the product range.

Denzir AB
Denzir AB is a subsidiary of Cad.esthetics AB and manages the manufacturing process for all restorative products. The company is located in in Skellefteå.