Zirconia highest quality at a competitive price
Zirconia Plus is a traditional zirconia with a little extra. The Plus provides additional assurance that our Swedish manufacturing with over 20 years experience ensures. By first sinter and assure the quality of the blocks and then process the material in our unique manufacturing process , we get a product with optimal sintering degree and density.

Zirconia Plus used for copings and bridge frameworks . All products are manufactured and shipped from our manufacturing plant in Skellefteå.

Metal-free and biocompatible
Sintered zirconia(Y- TZP) has become a common feature in today’s prosthetics. A very well- proven material for dental crowns and bridges, and an exceptionally good option when the patient wants to avoid metal constructions and possible risk of allergies. The material’s strength, biocompatibility and white color makes it very favorable for most indications.

Zirconia Plus is sintered zirconia of the highest quality at a competitive price!