The optimal material for copings and full crowns!
Zirconia Magnum has several unique features that make it a very good option for copings and full crowns. The material is sintered at very high temperature, 1800 °C , giving the higher fracture toughness compared to any other dental ceramics on the market. Thanks to an extremely high resistance to aging Zircionia Magnum is also a very durable ceramic over time.

Zirconia Magnum can be used for the following restorative products. All products are made and delivered from our manufacturing plant in Skellefteå.

– Copings
– Full Crowns
– Facade Crowns
– Bridges up to 3 units
– Posts

Zirconia Magnum is less sensitive to processes compared with the Y-TZP. It enables a fast and highly efficient grinding process with reduced production costs without sacrificing precision and quality materials. Therefore, we offer the most affordable ceramic with strength that surpasses MK.

High fracture toughness and abrasion -friendly
The material has high tensile strength and is very abrasion -friendly. Zirconia Magnum can fully or partially provided free of porcelain. This makes it a very suitable material for full crowns that is shiny polished.

Highest quality
Zirconia Magnum quality assured by our Swedish manufacturing with over 20 years experience in the dental CAD/CAM. By first sinter and assure the quality of the blocks and then process the material in our unique manufacturing process, we get a product with optimal sintering degree and density.

Metal-free and biocompatible
Zirconia Magnum as other zirconia has the advantage to be metal -free and therefore biocompatible. Thanks to the ceramic crystal structure and grain size Magnum is unlike other oxide ceramics particularly suited to color.